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Seitan Natural, Organic, 200g

100% vegan
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Seitan - the delicacy made of wheat protein is propably the most meat-like meat alternative of all times! But this vegan speciality can do so much more than just replacing meat!

In comparison to it's fleshly competitor the purely herbal wheat-based seitan outperforms the classic meat with its incredibly low amounts of fat.

Even while seitan clearly took some time to find its way to middle Europe, it is not even close to being a worldwide innovation. This traditional dish was already prepared ages ago by rinsing out the contained starch until only the incomparably firm wheat protein is left. The finished gluten product has always been a dalicacy for its firm consistency even while it is a little lacking in flavour. To counter this lack in taste, Seitan was often served with many delicious marinades and sauces.

Since Alberts is also a very traditional company, they too utilized the delicious aroma of mild soya sauce and fresh sea salt to enhance their mouth-watering seitan with a finely tuned spice. This heavenly dish will always convince with its wonderfully spicy and lightly smokey aroma. A true pleasure which you really shoulnd't miss out on!

Product number: A006269

Sales name: Seitan Natural

Content: 200g

Ingredients: Water, wheat protein*, wheat flour*, soya sauce* (water, soya beans*, wheat*, sea salt), sea salt, spices*
(* = certified organic)

Allergy advice: This product contains soya, wheat and gluten.

Refrigeration advice: Store refrigerated at 7°C .

Distributor: purvegan GmbH, Bahnhofstr. 29, 67305 Ramsen

Trade with organic products certified by inspection body ABCERT, DE-ÖKO-006

EAN: 4010238590002

Please additionally check the information on the product packaging. Changes may occur due to recipe changes or raw material fluctuations.

Nutrients per 100g
energy 580 kJ / 139 kcal
fat 0,7 g
Carbohydrates 6,0 g
of which:
Zucker 0,5 g
protein 26,6 g
salt 0,5 g