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Allow us to introduce ourselves, Velivery - and no matter what you ask... yes, ve gan!

We are not only Germany's largest & most diverse vegan online store*, with over 160 brands and soon 2,000 plant-based items, in addition we live what we propagate and deliver what we proclaim. Whether pure vegan, moderate vegetarian or conscious flexitarian, velivery unites all wishes and satisfies the appetite of all those who are approaching a plant-based diet or have been practicing the same for a long time. With more than 200 premium brands and inspiring recipes, we bring you onto the right taste for a better and more sustainable way of life. After all veganism indicates the new way! This new way is our vision and will help to bring nature back into harmony, to minimize CO2 emissions, to promote the health of every individual and to gradually put a stop to global factory farming. We want to change the perception and attitude towards farm animals in the minds and hearts of people and sensitize them to the fact that empathy, social behavior, pain perception and intelligence are inherent in these animals in the same way as in our pets. Velivery aims to provide you with a respectful, equal, and supremely tasty nutritional alternative without immediately falling off the meat wagon. 
Beyond its vast offerings, velivery will feature exciting vegan personalities, invite you on culinary vegan journeys around the world, tell touching stories about animals, and profile people and their families who share their vegan lifestyles with us. Speaking of sharing, true to the motto "sharing is caring", velivery plants a tree in Kenya for every purchase made. Furthermore velivery customers can support organizations such as WWF, Ocean Cleanup or Doctors Without Borders with the option of rounding up the purchase value at checkout. 
In short, whoever uses velivery - helps to create a better tomorrow.
*based on webshop turnover