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Smoked Tofu Classic, Organic, 200g

  • Tofu
  • Smoked
  • Ingredients from organic farming
  • Cold & warm a pleasure!
100% vegan
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Organic tofu from Taifun: a treat for all occasions!

Tofu is already a fine thing. This traditional food is more versatile than almost any other. Made from protein-rich soybeans, tofu can be seasoned and prepared as desired. It is available fresh, smoked and in many other variations. Tofu has long since conquered our kitchens as a valuable ingredient and is an integral part of many delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes.

But not all tofu is the same. That's why the Freiburg-based brand Taifun has created many different tofu specialties. What they all have in common: The soybeans for Taifun's tofu come from certified organic farming. In addition, they are consistently one thing above all: delicious!

Taifun's smoked tofu is smoked over beech wood, giving it its characteristic, deliciously smoky flavor.

Anything but boring: Discover Taifun's versatile tofu specialties!

If you take a look around our online store, you'll see that we have Taifun's organic tofu in not one, not two, but a whole six varieties in our range. You won't be bored on your plate! You can choose between Tofu Natur, Smoked Tofu, Tofu Olive, Tofu Basilico, Tofu Rosso and Tofu Curry-Mango. Each of the delicious tofu specialties is available in our store in 200 gram blocks and will be delivered to you by refrigerated shipping.

If you are looking for suitable vegan products for cooking with tofu, you will also find them effortlessly. For example, at you can order red miso from Completeorganics and find smoked tamari sauce from Rice Up, lupine sauce from alberts, liquid chili from Northern Greens, as well as many other seasonings and products such as rice, noodles and more.

You have discovered your new favorite tofu now, but you want more? Then take a look at the Seitan Fix from Vantastic foods or the Tempeh from alberts. You can also buy these and many other delicacies in numerous flavors conveniently online with us.

  • Tofu from organic ingredients
  • On the basis of soybeans
  • Ideal for vegan and vegetarian dishes, also as a vegan meat alternative
  • Can be eaten cold as well as hot and for example fried or deep-fried
Product number: A000700

Sales name: Smoked Tofu

Content: 200g

Ingredients: Tofu* (soybeans* (55%), water, coagulant: magnesium chloride, calcium sulfate) (93%), soy sauce* (water, soybeans*, wheat*, sea salt), beech wood smoke.
(* = certified organic)

Allergy advice: Contains soy and wheat. May contain traces of nuts, celery, mustard and sesame.

Refrigeration advice: Please store between 2°C and 7°C.

Distributor: Taifun-Tofu GmbH, Bebelstraße 8, 79108 Freiburg

Trade with organic products certified by inspection body ABCERT, DE-ÖKO-006

EAN: 4012359111104

Please additionally check the information on the product packaging. Changes may occur due to recipe changes or raw material fluctuations.

Nutrients per 100g
energy 711 kJ / 170 kcal
fat 9,0 g
of which:
saturated fatty acids 1,5 g
Carbohydrates 2,8 g
of which:
Zucker <0,5 g
protein 19,0 g
salt 1,7 g







28 February 2022 16:19

Bester Räuchertofu ever!

Es gibt einfach keinen besseren. Punkt. Aus. Ende.

28 July 2020 20:49

Kalt und warm zu empfehlen :)

Ein guter, rauchiger Geschmack. Eine kleine Leckerei für zwischendurch, warm zu Kartoffelsalet aber auch kalt mit Zwiebeln zu Brot und mit Zuckermelone wenn ich auf Süßwürziges Lust habe. Anderes wird noch ausprobiert :)

25 October 2019 16:41

Das beste Räuchertofu

Räuchertofu schmeckt mir vom Geschmack her am Besten. Ich habe deswegen viele Marken bereits ausprobiert, aber keine schmeckt so lecker, wie die von Taifun. Das Tofu ist zart und nicht so hart, wie von manch anderen Herstellern. Und es hat einen meiner Meinung nach wirklich guten Geschmack. Bei anderen hat es oft einfach nach nichts geschmeckt. Ich kann es nur jedem empfehlen es mal auszuprobieren.

29 August 2019 21:24

Räuchertofu Klassisch

Dieser Tofu ist gelungen. Dezenter Räuchergeschmack. Bereits gut genug für eine alleinige Brot- oder Brötchenauflage. Schmeckt aber noch genialer mit einem Hauch Zwergenwiese LUPILOVE darunter. Hmmm, lecker...

3 December 2018 01:24


Bad taste

4 February 2018 14:06

Taifun Tofu ist eine Klasse für sich

Ich habe vor ca 15 Jahren mal Tofu gegessen (NICHT Taifun) und gedacht, igitt, warum isst man denn sowas, bitte? Dann wurde mir Taifun empfohlen, der sei wirklich anders.... Kann ich nur bestätigen, jetzt liebe ich Tofu (von Taifun....) herrlich im Geschmack und in der Konsistenz, den muss man wirklich einfach mal probieren.

3 November 2016 21:54

Best smoked tofu ever

Its a shame this one is not sold everywhere cause it is really the best one to me - the taste is just perfect neither too light nor strong, and the consistency is strong enough to be cut in cubes and stay firm :)

13 October 2016 07:47

Top Produkt

Superlecker, egal ob auf dem Brot oder in irgendeinem Gericht. Mir schmeckt dieser Räuchertofu sehr gut und werde ihn jetzt wohl öfter mitbestellen.