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Buckwheat Noodles, 300g

  • Asia noodles
  • With buckwheat flour
  • Pure vegetable
  • Many preparation possibilities
100% vegan
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Enjoy delicious meals with a pinch of Asia

If you're looking for a delicious vegan pasta alternative that will transport you to Asia in terms of taste, then you've come to the right place. Chunsi Buckwheat Asian Noodles are the perfect choice for anyone looking to make their diet more conscious and plant-based. Together with vegetables and a delicious sauce, they make delicious Asian dishes quickly and easily.

The secret ingredient in these exceptional noodles is buckwheat, which is not only gluten-free, but also rich in nutrients and fiber. With a delicate, authentic flavor, these noodles will be a real treat for you and your loved ones.

Whether in a classic vegetable stir-fry, a spicy curry, or as an accompaniment to your favorite tofu dish, the preparation possibilities are endless! Creativity knows no bounds, and this buckwheat pasta adapts perfectly to your culinary ideas.

Now comes the best part: you can buy Chunsi buckwheat Asian noodles conveniently online. Simply add them to your shopping cart, place your order, and soon you'll be able to whip up your new favorite dish. You can find many other ingredients for all your favorite recipes in our assortment.

So what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Chunsi buckwheat Asian noodles and discover a true treasure for your vegan kitchen!

Product number: A008156

Sales name: Wheat Noodles With Buckwheat Flour

Content: 300g

Ingredients: Wheat flour, buckwheat flour (15%), salt.

Allergy advice: Contains wheat and gluten.

Preparation: Add the pasta to 2 - 3 liters of boiling water and cook for 3 minutes until the pasta floats to the surface.

EAN: 6920802305841

Please additionally check the information on the product packaging. Changes may occur due to recipe changes or raw material fluctuations.

Nutrients per 100g
energy 1489 kJ / 351 kcal
fat 1,6 g
of which:
saturated fatty acids 0,5 g
Carbohydrates 66 g
of which:
Zucker 1,4 g
protein 17 g
salt 1,0 g