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Vegan Salami Classic In One Piece, 165g

  • Purely plant-based
  • Wheat protein-based
  • Free from additives
  • Smoky, spicy flavour
100% vegan
CO2-neutral shipping
No Animal Suffering
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The classic cold cut – 100% vegan

Spicy, smoky and savoury – just as it should be, but better. Billie Green’s purely plant-based salami sees one of the most popular sausage and cold cut creations return to vegan breakfast tables. And not just that, vegan pizza salami is back on the dinner menu too! So how about a bit of pizza dough, some grated cheese alternative and fine Italian seasonings? And for even more variety, how about Vegan Salami with Pepper, Classic Unsliced Vegan Salami or Baguette-Style Vegan Salami? It all tastes as good as it sounds. Get stuck in!

Vegan cold cuts? This tastes better!

Purely plant-based sausage alternatives for all vegan fans of hearty, rustic flavour. Billie Green puts its longstanding experience in traditional sausage-making to full use to create vegan sausage alternatives that are always that bit better, that bit more transparent and that bit tastier than comparable products on the market. At least that's what they claim. And just a taste confirms it. Whether it’s vegan salami alternatives, vegan bacon with chili or vegan diced ham – Billie Green brings savoury perfection to the table. Haven’t tried it yet? Then get online and order now, take a hearty bite and enjoy in good conscience.

Welcome back, traditional fare!

For breakfast, lunch or dinner: the hearty, smoky taste of salami and bacon is an essential part of many traditional dishes and meals. From the Full English and all kinds of casseroles right through to pasta, pizza, tarte flambée, quiche and the rest, sometimes you just need that certain something to complete the dish. Billie Green knows that all too well. And because Billie Green always wants to do everything a little bit better, the first step was a logical one: sausage yes, meat no. Ever since, the brand has been using its wonderful green fingers to produce delicious purely plant-based alternatives – completely free of any additives.

Billie Green – the better alternative

By “better”, Billie Green doesn’t just mean tastier and lighter, it’s about greater transparency too. That’s why you can see all the ingredients at a glance on the homepage. There you will see that the purely plant-based ingredients are completely free from additives like preservatives, artificial colourings or thickeners. This combined with the unmistakable taste has even non-vegans ungrudgingly admitting that these products really are better than good.

Product number: A008361

Sales name: Vegan Product Based On Wheat Protein In The Style Of A Salami, Cooked And Smoked

Content: 165g

Ingredients: Wheat gluten (34%), drinking water, textured wheat protein (wheat protein, wheat flour) (12%), canola oil, lemon juice from lemon juice concentrate, coloring food: radish concentrate, apple concentrate, black currant concentrate, paprika concentrate, carrot concentrate; table salt, garlic, citrus fiber, diced onion, natural flavor, dextrose, yeast extract, spices, smoked salt (salt, smoke), rice flour, carrot, beech wood smoke.

Allergy advice: Contains wheat and gluten. May contain traces of egg, soy and milk.

Refrigeration advice: Please store at a maximum of 7°C.

Storage advice: An oil film may form on the surface of the product during storage. This is a natural process and does not affect the quality.

Info: This product was packed within a protective atmosphere.

Consumption advice: Salami casing not suitable for consumption.

Distributor: The Plantly Butchers GmbH & Co. KG, Lise-Meitner-Straße 3, 49074 Osnabrück

EAN: 4099498000032

Please additionally check the information on the product packaging. Changes may occur due to recipe changes or raw material fluctuations.

Nutrients per 100g
energy 1110 kJ / 264 kcal
fat 9,6 g
of which:
saturated fatty acids 0,8 g
Carbohydrates 9,5 g
of which:
Zucker 4,7 g
protein 33 g
salt 3,4 g







9 June 2023 10:45

Really tasty!

One of the best I've tried so far! I tasted it raw and it's really good. Must be awesome on a pizza or small chunks in a dish!

13 April 2023 15:49

Riecht besser als sie schmeckt

Optik und Duft sind wirklich gut, die Salami lässt sich einfach aus der Stoffhülle befreien und auch schön gleichmäßig in Scheiben schneiden. Allerdings ist die Konsistenz eher etwas mehlig und der Geschmack definitiv nicht salamiartig. Ich esse die restliche Wurst jetzt noch auf, mit viel Senf geht's so einigermaßen, werde aber diese Variante nicht nochmal bestellen.

8 March 2023 13:05

Das ist (k)eine Wurst!

Wenn auch etwas eingeigelt in ihrer Hülle und schwierig heraus zu kitzeln, diese hier schmeckt definitiv und hat auch eine beeindruckende Haptik! Kein Geschwabbel oder feine Pampe, schön grob (das ist eher meine persönliche Präferenz). Hatte ich bisher in unserem lokalen Supermarkt gekauft und würde ich immer wieder tun!