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Farmer's Feast, 160g

  • Hearty vegan spread
  • With tofu & onion
  • Ideal as a vegan liver sausage alternative
  • In a practical screw jar
100% vegan
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You lovers of the hearty, watch out: this spread is made for you!

Tired of sweet, fruity or mild spreads? You long for a really hearty vegetable spread, which is able to satisfy even a stubborn craving for a hearty sausage product? Then we have just the thing for you here: The Bauernschmaus from GranoVita tastes deliciously hearty and is vegan through and through. As a hearty spread on bread or as a delicious base for a sandwich, it provides plenty of enjoyment for breakfast, dinner and snack.

The GranoVita vegetable spread is made with tofu & onions. Dried apple pieces and many other tasty ingredients and spices contribute to the unique and particularly pleasant, hearty taste.

The farmer's feast of GranoVita enriches every snack and can win even hard-boiled sausage lovers for themselves. Try it out!

Discover the vegan alternative to spreadable sausage from GranoVita

There are plenty of plant-based spreads out there, but this vegan alternative to spreadable sausage from GranoVita knows how to score with a hearty and smoky flavor. We have it for you in the resealable screw jar in the assortment; and also many other hearty and particularly spicy vegan products you can find and order in our online store.

How about, for example, the Brotzeit from Heirler, a vegan sausage alternative type Landjäger? In addition, perhaps the Vioblock with Epic Mature Cheddar flavor, delicious roasted onions from Heimatkost, extra-hot mustard from Byodo and a jar of LupiLove Zwiebel-Knobi from Zwergenwiese? You see, with you definitely make your taste buds cheer.

  • Vegetable spread that also works well as a vegan alternative to spreadable sausage
  • Made with tofu and onions
  • Hearty-juicy taste, spreadable consistency
  • Tastes great as a spread
Product number: A002409

Sales name: Vegan Spread With Tofu And Onions

Content: 160g

Ingredients: Water, vegetable fats (palm oil, coconut fat), tofu (water, soy beans (10%), firming agent: Calcium chloride) (18%), onions (14%), soy protein product (soy protein (5%), barley malt extract) (9%), canola oil, mustard (water, mustard seed, distilled vinegar, salt, sugar, spices, natural flavors), dried apple pieces, yeast extract, dried onions, emulsifier: soylecithins; whole wheat breadcrumbs (wheat flour, yeast, salt), natural flavor, salt, spices (contains celery), maltodextrin, potato starch, nutritional yeast, basil, smoke flavoring.

Allergy advice: Contains wheat, barley, gluten, soy, mustard and celery.

Refrigeration advice: Please store between 2°C and 5°C.

Distributor: Hügli Nahrungsmittel GmbH, Güttinger Str. 23, 78315 Radolfzell

EAN: 4083900047890

Please additionally check the information on the product packaging. Changes may occur due to recipe changes or raw material fluctuations.

Nutrients per 100g
energy 1176 kJ / 284 kcal
fat 24,1 g
of which:
saturated fatty acids 14 g
Carbohydrates 5,7 g
of which:
Zucker 3,8 g
protein 9,8 g
salt 2,27 g







13 October 2016 13:23


Schön würzig und einfach lecker auf einem schönen Schwarzbrot. Einfach mal ausprobieren!!!

2 August 2016 09:37

Wir lieben ihn

Der Bauernschmaus ist einfach nicht zu toppen. Viele Brotaufstriche, in die wir anfangs verliebt waren, wurden uns nach einer Zeit fad. Der Bauernschmaus geht immer, wir haben immer Vorrat. Als ehemaliger Leberwurstjunkie fehlt mir auch nix.