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Nirwana Noir 55% Cocoa With Dark Praliné Filling, 100g

  • Dark chocolate
  • With dark praliné filling
  • Ingredients from organic farming
  • Delicately melting delicious
100% vegan
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Heavenly cocoa delight with creamy hazelnut filling - delicious to melt away!

Well, how about this: settle down in a cozy armchair, pause, close your eyes and let yourself be inspired by the incredibly intense taste of this delicious cocoa creation. Delicately melting dark chocolate, a creamy filling with hazelnut - this bar from Rapunzel provides culinary moments of pleasure.

The Nirwana Noir is a bar of vegan dark chocolate filled with a delicious dark praliné cream. Cocoa, hazelnuts, bourbon vanilla and more - only plant-based ingredients from controlled organic farming are used for the Nirwana Noir. Rapunzel also runs its own fair trade program with the "Hand in Hand" (HIH) project.

Last but not least, their selected organic ingredients make the vegan Nirwana bar a real taste experience. Try it for yourself!

Have a good time: with the vegan cocoa pleasure from Rapunzel!

Cocoa connoisseurs and chocolate gourmets, prick up your ears: Rapunzel's Nirvana is available in two delicious vegan varieties. Available are the light Nirwana Vegan and the dark Nirwana Noir. Both are available in 100-gram bars. And these are by no means the only vegan treats from Rapunzel that you can discover and order in our online store: With us, you'll find various Rapunzel products from vegan vanilla pudding powder to baking peas and locust bean gum to tomato ketchup and stuffed vine leaves. And if you already want to make your breakfast with goodies from the brand, you can order their vegan breakfast porridge Kakao Banane from us, for example.

  • Dark chocolate made from organic ingredients
  • Delicate shell, creamy filling: for a special chocolate treat
  • Intensive taste due to long conching
  • Vegan, organic - and simply delicious!
Product number: A000616

Sales name: Dark Chocolate With Dark Praliné Cream Filling (50%)

Content: 100g

Ingredients: Sugar* (whole cane sugar*, cane sugar*), cocoa mass*, hazelnuts* (20%), cocoa butter*, cocoa powder*, bourbon vanilla*.
(* = certified organic)

Allergy advice: Contains nuts. May contain traces of other nuts, soy and milk (incl. lactose).

Distributor: Rapunzel Naturkost GmbH, Rapunzelstraße 1, 87764 Legau

Trade with organic products certified by inspection body ABCERT, DE-ÖKO-006

EAN: 4006040202844

Please additionally check the information on the product packaging. Changes may occur due to recipe changes or raw material fluctuations.

Nutrients per 100g
energy 2359 kJ / 567 kcal
fat 38 g
of which:
saturated fatty acids 17 g
Carbohydrates 47 g
of which:
Zucker 43 g
protein 6,1 g







1 December 2020 11:37

absolut oberbeste Schoki überhaupt

Diese Variante ist viel besser als die vegane, da bei dieser der eklige Reisdrink-Geschmack wegfällt und durch die Zartbitterschokolade die süße Füllung ausgeglichen wird- perfekt ausgewogene Köstlichkeit!

18 January 2019 17:44

Sehr fein!

Ist nur noch durch nicht Zartbitter-Variante zu toppen

18 October 2016 16:21


Haaaammmeeer! *-*