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Gourment Block Mild, 200g

  • Vegan cheese alternative
  • Coconut oil-based
  • Transparent sustainability score
  • For melting, grilling or as it is
100% vegan
CO2-neutral shipping
No Animal Suffering
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Vegan cheese alternatives that can do it all

Lightly buttery and mildly aromatic, slightly spicy or how about smoky? As well as the large gourmet block, Veganz’s vegan cheese alternatives also come in three fantastic flavours. Whether Fondue, Pizza or Pumpernickel – the Mild, Spicy and Smoky gourmet pieces offer an excellent alternative for any cheese plans you might have. As always with Veganz: the sustainability score of the product is clearly marked. And here, once again, Veganz scores top marks.

Veganz: the vegan all-rounder

One for (almost) all: a full-range vegan supplier, Veganz is something of a legendary jack of all trades in the veggie market. From meat, cheese and chocolate alternatives and protein bars and biscuits to egg substitutes – Veganz’s wide range of products leaves almost nothing to be desired. And make veggie hearts beat faster: whether for part-time, full-time or professional vegans, Veganz products have something for everyone. Nobody has to miss out on anything. The brand shows how living more consciously, protecting the environment and good, delicious nutrition can go hand in hand.

Experience and variety for a more mindful lifestyle

Veganz’s success is testament to this. On the market since 2011, the Berlin-based company are true professionals of the vegan food sector. Having risen to prominence as Europe’s first vegan supermarket chain, Veganz’s product range is now available in more than half of EU states. And this is a win not just for the many people who can enjoy a vegan diet as a result, but also for the environment. That’s because Veganz has designed its product packaging with a more sustainable world in mind, with compostable inner films made from recycled plastic, mineral oil-free cardboard sliders, and a sustainability score that ensures transparency with regard to the life cycle assessment of the respective products.

But enough talking: Veganz’s extensive product range speaks for itself!

Product number: A008862

Sales name: Vegan cheese alternative based on coconut oil

Content: 200g

Ingredients: Water, refined coconut oil (24%), modified potato starch, tapioca starch, sea salt, flavorings, color: beta-carotene.

Refrigeration advice: Please store at a maximum of 7°C.

Info: This product was packed within a protective atmosphere.

Distributor: Veganz Group AG, , 10243 Berlin

EAN: 4251725800246

Please additionally check the information on the product packaging. Changes may occur due to recipe changes or raw material fluctuations.

Nutrients per 100g
energy 1155 kJ / 279 kcal
fat 24 g
of which:
saturated fatty acids 21 g
Carbohydrates 16 g
salt 2,1 g