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Vegan Protein Drink Raw, Organic, 550g

100% vegan
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Product number: A005773

Sales name: Beverage Powder

Content: 550g

Ingredients: 80% protein-mix (rice protein powder*, hemp protein powder*, sunflower protein powder*, pumpkinseed protein powder*), sprouted quinoa*, sprouted flaxseed*. (* certified organic)
(* = certified organic)
Please ensure a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Allergy advice: May contain traces of gluten, nuts, soy, sesame and lupine.

Distributor: Biovegan GmbH, Biovegan-Allee 1, 56579 Bonefeld

Trade with organic products certified by inspection body ABCERT, DE-ÖKO-006

EAN: 4260293821355

Please additionally check the information on the product packaging. Changes may occur due to recipe changes or raw material fluctuations.

Nutrients per 100g
energy 1628 kJ / 388 kcal
fat 12,3 g
of which:
saturated fatty acids 1,9 g
carbohydrates 8,7 g
of which:
sugar 2,6 g
protein 53,6 g
salt 0,08 g
Amino acids per 100g proteine: Alanine (2360mg), Arginine (4662mg), Aspartic acid (4225mg), Cysteine (938mg), Glutamic acid (7149mg), Glycine ( 1774mg), histidine (1148mg), isoleucine (1905mg), leucine (3593mg), lysine (1554mg), methionine