Vantastic foods VANTASTIC GRANULES from soy, 9kg (bulk pack)
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vantastic granules from soy, 9kg (bulk pack)

Granules of textured soy flour Vegetable meat alternative for frying Quick and easy to prepare Basis for numerous dishes

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Vegan, delicious and so versatile: the soy granules from Vantastic foods

This product brings proper momentum in the kitchen. Because with the soy granules from Vantastic foods can prepare lots of delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes! From the wonderfully creamy vegan Bolognese sauce to homemade patties to hearty vegan fillings for roulades and stuffed peppers: Wherever minced meat is usually in the recipe, the soy granules can serve as a vegan alternative.

The preparation of this versatile vegetable meat alternative is very simple: Soak the soy granules for 2 to 3 minutes in hot vegetable broth. Afterwards, you only have to sieve it out and carefully squeeze it with your hands - and you can process the granules like meat. For example, it can be marinated excellently or simply sautéed, turned into a delicious sauce or soup, or formed into vegan minced steaks. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

Thanks to its neutral inherent taste, you can really let off steam and get creative when seasoning the soy meat. Create delicious vegan dishes according to your individual taste - quickly and easily with the soy granules from Vantastic foods!

One alternative - endless possibilities: Discover the Vantastic soy granules!

The vegetable granules consist of defatted soy flour, which is brought into shape by so-called "extrusion". This gives the soy granules a fine texture, which provides a particularly pleasant, tender and meat-like consistency after preparation.

Since the dry soy granules can be stored for quite a long time, they are easy to store and keep in stock. In addition, it is extremely productive: Only by soaking the soy granules get its actual mass; about 2 to 3 times the amount of the dry product. So it's no wonder that soy granules have long been a staple in many vegan kitchens and pantries.

That's why you can order Vantastic soy granules online in our online store in three different package sizes, from the 300g portion to the 1.5kg family pack to the 9kg bulk pack. Let us convince you of the versatility and quality of our soy granules!

  • Vegetable meat alternative made from textured soy
  • Suitable as a vegan alternative to minced meat
  • Quickly prepared, extremely versatile in use and high-yield
  • A must-have in the vegan kitchen

Check out how to properly prepare your dry textured soya.

Article number: A000784




INGREDIENTS: Soya flour defatted.

ALLERGY ADVICE: Contains soya. May contain traces of gluten and milk (incl. lactose).

NOTE: Dust max. 12%.

STORAGE NOTICE: Keep at room temperature.

PREPERATION: Soak in hot vegetable stock for approx. 2 - 3 minutes until the desired consistency is reached, pour off water and squeeze out with your hands, then process as meat. Makes 2-3x of base weight after cooking.

velivery GmbH & Co. KG , Ernst-Hanauer-Straße 5, 92507 Nabburg , DE

Energy 1407kJ/ 332kcal
Fat 1,2g
of which saturated 0,3g
Carbohydrates 27g
of which sugar 8,6g
Protein 49g
Salt 0,01g

EAN: 4260119110168

Customer evaluation for "Vantastic foods VANTASTIC GRANULES from soy, 9kg (bulk pack)"
17 Jan 2021

Tolle Grundzutat

Habe den Karton von 1,5 Jahren bestellt & es schmeckt wie am ersten Tag.
Selbst wenn die Welt untergeht, alle Supermärkte voll maskenverweigernder Coronafetischisten sind oder man mit Campingausrüstung durchs Nirgendwo läuft, kann man mit dem Granulat, Tomatenmark, einer Zwiebel & Gewürzen ohne viel Anstrengung in kurzer Zeit leckere Bolognese kochen, die dann sogar gesund ist. Bevor man ihn leergefuttert hat, kann man den Sack sogar als Kissen benutzen.
Bin sehr zufrieden.

14 Aug 2018


Ce n'est pas ma première expérience du soja, mais c'est la première fois que je goûte les protéines de soja texturé. Expérience concluante, pour moi c'est bien partie pour durée car après avoir appris à les assaisonner et les cuire de différentes manières, j'y ai trouvé mon equilibre ainsi qu'un plaisir de manger. Je ne suis pas végétarien, mais si cela me permet de diminuer ma consommation de viandes de 2/3 au moins c'est une bonne chose. Et c'est aussi grâce à vous et du prix abordable auquel vous vendez ces granulets, c'est l'opportunité qui nous permet de changer les choses.

Merci pour la multitude d'aliments vegane que vous proposez, je reviendrai.

A quand une traduction de votre site en français, s'il vous plaît ? Est-ce envisageable ?

17 Nov 2016

Toll Idee, wenn man nicht ständig neu bestellen möchte

Es ist immer gut einen großen Vorrat an Sojagranulat daheim zu haben. Ich verwende es überall, wo Fleisch ersetzt werden soll und durch die lange Haltbarkeit muss ich nicht alle paar Wochen neu bestellen.

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