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Plantuna Vegan Salmon Spread, 100g

  • Plant-based
  • Mercury-free
  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids
  • High in protein
100% vegan
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A vegan fish alternative that’s in a class of its own

Plantzalmon is a delicious alternative to traditional salmon pa^te´. Perfect for breakfast, brunch, supper, or on crackers as a snack. And the best thing? Not only do Unfished products taste as delicious and varied as salmon from the sea, they're also complete with nutrient-rich plant-based proteins. That helps the oceans, the plant, and everyone who wants to take the positive step towards achieving a plant-based diet. For tuna fans, we recommend Plantuna spread too.

A more sustainable taste of the sea

Can it be done? Yes. After all, Unfished has made precisely that its goal: purely plant-based fish alternatives that leave sea inhabitants where they belong, all the while still bringing nutrient-rich indulgence to your plate. To achieve this, Unfished has opted to specialise primarily in vegan salmon and tuna alternatives. With its broad range of Plantuna or Plantzalmon spreads and salads, Unfished is a popular choice – above all with those who want to prevent the overfishing of oceans. But it’s also a hit with those who want to embrace their vegan lifestyle with full flavour. You can order both Unfished versions online in our store. After just a taste, fish and seafood fans will be firmly on the hook.

Anything tuna can do…

With Plantuna, you can create, cook and eat anything you can with tuna. Whether it’s for your pizza bases, in your pasta sauce, in salad or as a pa^te´ on bread – Platuna comes in every format you could ask for. Take Plantuna in water for example, it’s perfect for pizza. You can also opt for Plantuna with olive oil, with Mediterranean herbs or with lemon & pepper. The salads come in California or Mexican Style. Vegan Plantuna or Plantzalmon spread are perfect for spreading on bread!

Because we’re serious about the planet…

Ocean biodiversity is of the utmost importance, especially in times of climate change. To prevent overfishing, we need more plant-based foodstuffs that can provide us with high protein and taste great! Unfished achieves all this in one fell swoop with fish alternatives that are in a class of their own.

Product number: A008576

Sales name: Vegan Spread As An Alternative To Salmon Spread, Sterilized

Content: 100g

Ingredients: Water, canola oil, starch, bamboo fiber, pea fiber, vegetable protein from peas, sugar, vegetable soy protein, salt, natural flavors, flavors, lemon juice concentrate, color: red bell pepper concentrate.

Allergy advice: Contains soy.

Storage advice: Once opened, keep refrigerated.

Distributor: Prefera Foods S.A., DN1 Km 392+600, 517293 Oiejdea Jud. Alba

EAN: 5941866618785

Please additionally check the information on the product packaging. Changes may occur due to recipe changes or raw material fluctuations.

Nutrients per 100g
energy 867 kJ / 209 kcal
fat 17 g
of which:
saturated fatty acids 1,3 g
Carbohydrates 8,2 g
of which:
Zucker 0,3 g
protein 5,0 g
salt 1,5 g







27 September 2023 11:26


Really excellent. I love it!

6 August 2023 13:21


schmeckt in der tat nach nichts. ist meines erachtens sein geld nicht wert. :-(