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Unfished Plantuna With Olive Oil, 150g
Unfished Plantuna Mexican Salad, 160g
Unfished Plantuna California Salad, 160g
Lord of Tofu Thuna, Organic, 110g
Unfished Plantuna With Lemon & Pepper, 150g
Vivera Vegan Salmon, 200g
Vantastic foods Vegan Vantastic Fish Fingers, 190g
BettaF!sh Tu-nah Capers & Pepper Spread, 130g
BettaF!sh Tu-nah Spread Olive, 130g
Green Legend Vegan Salmon Fillets Lemon & Herbs, 160g
BettaF!sh Tu-nah Spread Tomato & Chilli, 130g
Unfished Plantuna In Water, 150g
Green Legend Vegan Fish Fillets Garlic & Olive, 160g
Viana Käpt´n Tofus Crispy Sticks, Organic, 275g
Unfished Plantuna With Mediterranean Herbs, 150g
Vivera Vegane Crispy Sticks Fish-style, 210g
BettaF!sh Tu-nah Spread Nature, 130g
Vantastic foods Vegan Backofenvisch With Dill, 200g
Lord of Tofu Sea Love Tofu Prawns, Organic, 180g
REVO Gravlax, 80g
Gutfried Likefish Sticks Vegan, 175g
Green Legend Vegan Fish Fingers, 180g
Lord of Tofu Tofu-shrimps, Organic, 150g
Unfished Plantuna All Cuisine, 760g
REVO Salmon From Plants, 80g
Happy Ocean Foods Happy Ocean Shrymps Nature, 150g
Happy Ocean Foods Happy Ocean Shrymps Provencal, 150g
Gutfried Like Smokedlaxx Vegan, 80g
REVO Tuna Spread Vegan, 140g
REVO Salmon Spread Vegan, 140g
Vantastic foods Vegan Smoked Lax, 100g